Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith Apples

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Faces of Our Special Needs Community

Do you ever wonder about the faces of our special needs community?  I never thought about or realized the many faces of disability until after university when I worked in a group home for adults with disabilities.  I might not recognize a person with special needs as I walk the streets, buy my groceries or pick up the kids from school but persons with special needs are very much present.  We just have to open our eyes to see.  Thanks to the blogosphere it has become even easier for us to get a glimpse of the real lives of those with special needs and their caregivers.  Thank you to the following bloggers for openly and honestly sharing your stories in order to build this powerful special needs community.       

Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (Our Micropreemie Twins)

Spina Bifida (The Great Umbrella Heist)

Autism (Joy in the Valley)

Undiagnosed disability (Undiagnosed but Okay)

Cerebral Palsy (Transcending CP)

Down Syndrome (The Bates Motel)

Developmental Delay (I Can Say Mama)

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